Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wedding frenzy!

Gee, it seems like I'm in the middle of a wedding frenzy at this point in my life. I had two weddings last month, one coming up the beginning of next month, and I was just asked today to help out with making decorations and all those fun wedding goodies for another that is taking place in March. I'm the crafty one amongst my friends and families, so I'm frequently asked to help out with things like this. I like making the envelope boxes, and the wedding favors, so it's fun, and I don't mind helping out.

For one wedding this summer, we did those nice glass coasters with the word LOVE etched on them, and then we added in Hershey's kisses, and wrapped them with clear cellophane, tied them off with ribbons in the wedding colors, and added the tags I made for them in my graphics program.

For my nephew's wedding, his bride was thinking something simple -- just the standard Jordan almonds wrapped in some white tulle. Boring! Instead, my sister and I went out and bought a bunch of the bride's favorite chocolate truffles by Lindor. We got the ones in the light blue wrappers, which tied in with the wedding colors, and then tied them up in white tulle with coordinating ribbons and custom made tags. They were a little more costly than Jordan almonds, but they were so very pretty with the light blue foil and cellophane glistening inside the tulle!

Then, I was searching on the net for ideas for the upcoming wedding next month, and I came across a web release for I went to their site to see what they had to offer in the way of favors. They have these really cool
personalized wedding favors that are cookies shaped like little wedding cakes, and decorated with the date and couple's names. So guess what we're doing for favors? Yep, we're making cookies! We're doing a standard sugar cookie recipe, and decorating with the shiny icing, and of course personalizing them with the chosen wedding color icing for the wording.

Now that I have another wedding to think of, I'll be heading back to to see what else they have to offer. Of course if you're not of the crafty type, and don't want to make your own favors, this company does sell favors as well, and well, all sorts of wedding goodies, including pretty and personalized disposable cameras to place on your guests tables. Check them out!


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