Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Want to make money?

I can't stress enough about Cafepress, people. It's now September 11th (I know, it's after midnight, but I'm up late!), and I've already made $200.00 in profits so far this month! I can't wait for Christmas sales to start ringing in!

Seriously though, I haven't worked overly hard on my
shop. I don't have an large shop at all currently. All I've done is made a few designs as I think of them, uploaded them to my shop, and choose the items I want to sell them on. As far as advertising my shop, the only thing I've done is advertise here on my blog, and really not much of that either. I work a full time day job, so my free time is pretty much limited, and when you factor in every day living activities, well, that just limits any free time even more.

So if you like to create graphics, or just have some witty sayings that you think would make a great t-shirt or bumper sticker, why not jump on the
Cafepress express, and open your own shop? You don't have to invest any money into a shop. They have free basic shops, and you can have as many of those as you would like. If you're wanting a shop with a little more pizzaz, where you can have a nice template, or create your own look in a page, then a premium shop costs only $6.95 per month, and if you pay up front for a year, as I did, it works out to $5.00 per month.

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

Why not check it out, and open a shop of your own? Start with a basic shop, or a few, and see how things go, if you're not wanting to jump into a premium shop at first. Tell them funkyolive sent you! And let me know how happy you are when you get your first check in the mail! Trust me, it's a pretty happy experience! I wanted to frame my first check, but I just admired it for a couple days before taking it to the bank!

If you're not interested in opening a shop of your own, you can still make money. Become an affiliate to my shop, and earn 20% of my sales that originate from your website or blog. It's simple and free to sign up for. All you have to do is sign up for the
Cafepress Affiliate program. Once your signed up, you'll be given a pid number, which identifies you. You then place my banner on your website or blog, with the link coding with your pid number on it, and from then on, any sales made at my shop that are generated from the banner you placed will earn you 20%. Not bad for doing nothing, huh? And you don't have to use just my banner. There are loads of shopkeepers that have banners as well, and would be more than happy to have you place their banner as an affiliate also, plus there are all sorts of other general banners you can use, which you find at the affiliate section at Cafepress once you sign up.

That's my banner. I think it's pretty stylin' don't you? Anyway, you'd post this banner on your site or blog or wherever. You can get the linking code for it at my affiliate page in my shop.

So in conclusion, why not make yourself some extra bucks, either for doing nothing more than placing a banner on your site, or going for gold by opening a new shop! The money's there to be made, and I don't have to remind you that Christmas sales are just around the corner! Ka-ching!


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