Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More on SEO and marketing

As the holiday season is fast approaching, I've been scrambling like crazy to get my shop at Cafepress a little more built up, and of course I've been working on SEO and marketing too. Up to now, my marketing strategies have been mostly global, but then I came across a web release for USWeb about local marketing opportunities. Why of course! Why wouldn't I market my shop locally as well as globally. Just because it's an online shop doesn't mean I needn't worry about advertising it locally as well. It's really no different than if you have a brick and mortar shop locally -- you should definitely think about advertising it globally on the Internet as well. I suggest you do some research for yourself, and check out USWeb to see the most overlooked Local Marketing Opportunity. There is some good information to be found, and it can only help grow your business.

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