Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thunderstorm snow?

Ever heard of that for a weather forecast? That's the forecast for the Buffalo area, and what's worse, they're calling for two inches of the white stuff! Crazy I tell you! Crap, it's only October! It's way too early for snow, in my heat loving opinion!

But snow can't help but make people think of Christmas, so I thought I should post a few pics of some of the
Christmas items I have in my Funky Olive shop at Cafepress. There is virtually something for everyone on your list! Wearbles for the whole family, Christmas cards, and don't forget to check out the personalized cards we're offering this year! Mugs, coasters, pillows, mouse pads, and lots of stickers, buttons and magnets which are great for both decorating your gifts, or stuffing in stockings! We've got sweet snowmen, Christmas divas, funky retro designs, and more! Lots to shop for now, and lots more to come! And remember, there are always coupon codes for discounts on both the main page of the shop, as well as the bottom of the sidebar, so check them out, and save yourself some bucks when you shop at The Funky Olive!

I'll post more items later, as I still have more to add to the shop. Afterall, it is only October!

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