Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trailer Park Boys -- The Movie

The current #1 movie in Canada is "Trailer Park Boys -- The Movie". WOOT! WOOT!

We're going to see the movie tomorrow night, and I can't wait! We're big fans of these fucked up rednecks of the North! Bubbles is my all time favorite character, and he truly steals the show! Love those glasses! I'll be wearing my "Bubbles" shirt from my
Trailer Park Boys section at my Funky Olive shop at Cafepress. And my husband is going to wear his "Sunnyvale Trailer Trash" hoodie.

If you haven't ever seen the Trailer Park Boys (TPB) here's a little taste of what they're all about in the following video. I loved this scene when it aired on the tv show. Bubbles loves kitties -- all kitties, and Ricky and Julian love to grow dope, in hopes of cashing in with a big score!

Trailer Park Boys ; Bubbles and the Lion



Mark said...

Bubbles does rock! 'How many fingers Bubs?' - 'Ricky you know I hate that game...'

Teena said...

I loved Steve French!!!