Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas shopping is in full swing!

Now that we're past Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season is officially here. The malls and shopping centers are a frenzy of shoppers. Parking lots are jammed full, and I get a headache just thinking about going out there to fight the crowds, wait in endless lineups to pay for whatever crap I've managed to scrape up that I figure might be a good idea for someone on my list. I think I'll do most of my shopping in the comfort of my home office, sitting in my jammies in front of my computer! In fact, I've already ordered a few things from my own online shop The Funky Olive.

It's been awhile since I posted an entry here, so I'll share a couple of my newer designs for you to see...

First up is inspired by my all time favorite episode of South Park -- the one where Tweek has the Underwear Gnomes come and steal all his underwear!

Next is purrfect for all cat lovers! An outfit just isn't complete without cat hair. How well do I know this?! With a long haired white cat and two dogs in our house, being hairless is near impossible, especially when wearing black! And not to let the dog lovers down, we also have a dog lovers shirt with the same message.

I'll just show one more here for now, and save some more for another post. Since Christmas is coming fast, here's our cool urban chic "Santa is my homeboy"

Until the next time, happy holiday shopping, and remember, Santa is always watching! *<} ;-)



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