Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Like saving money? You'll LOVE this!

I just found something very cool! I was reading another web release. This time for Ebates.com. I had never heard of this site before, but let me tell you, I very quickly signed up for it, upon checking it out!

If you like saving money, and who doesn't, then I strongly urge you to check Ebates out! There are loads and loads of offers from percentage cash back savings to
coupons you can use at many different sites, including Office Depot, Target, All the Gap shops, Kohls, Sears, Old Navy and many many more! I'm telling you, there are literally hundreds of stores (800+ to be exact) they have savings offers for. And not just department stores, but specialty stores, travel, hotels, grocery stores, etc., etc.!

How it works is that you sign up at their site. Click on the coupons link in the previous paragraph, and if you put my email address (thefunkyolive@yahoo.ca) in for telling you about their site, they'll give you $5.00 right away! Then, when ever you want to go shopping, head over to Ebates first, and click on the store you want to shop at in order to earn your cash back rebate. Pretty simple enough. Okay, one more step, but if that step is going to save you money, why not take the extra 3 seconds it may take you to sign in and start shopping? I know I'll be doing all my online shopping through there to save some extra bucks!

Cheers and happy savings!


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