Thursday, December 14, 2006

214 freaking pounds lost!

Have you been following this seasons Biggest Loser show? I have faithfully watched all of the seasons, and last night was the finale. Wow! What a show it was! Erik, the contestant from New York state weighed in at 407 pounds at the beginning of the season. I can't believe how much he lost... 214 pounds! He lost more than he weighs now! Kudos to you Erik. It didn't look easy, with the rigorous workouts and strict menu plan, but you did it, and my hat goes off to you!

So many of this seasons contestants did such a great job, and look wonderful and so healthy now! I'm amazed at how much you have all achieved in the reasonably short time.
Kai, an absolutely stunningly beautiful lady from Alaska lost an amazing 118 pounds, and she now has a beautiful trim body to go with her gorgeous face! Wylie from Florida looked mighty fine with his loss of 129 pounds! I can't remember how much Brian from California lost, but he lost quite a bit, as I didn't even recognize him at first! Marty from Michigan, Bobby from Tennessee, Ken from Washington all looked so trim with their huge losses. Gee, all of the contestants that spent time at the ranch looked great.

But then there was the 36 other players that didn't have the opportunity at the ranch and had to do it all at home by themselves. Of those 36 people, 9 of them lost over 100 pounds! WOW!!
Poppi from New Jersey was amazing, weighing in last night at a petite 115 pounds, after losing 117 pounds! Another one that lost more than she ended up weighing! Amazing to think this lady did it all at home on her own, without the aid of the trainers Bob and Kim. Way to go Poppi!

The contestants this season were so inspiring to me, so with the New Year fast approaching, I'm thinking I may just check out the
Biggest Loser book and perhaps a Biggest Loser Workout DVD to help me lose the extra 25 pounds I'd like to shed.


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