Thursday, December 07, 2006

Accident season is upon us!

So I was telling you about our weather and the snowfall and icy conditions we had yesterday. Well today, although it's still cold, it's not real frigid, and the snow is all gone.

However, yesterday's conditions were not good for one of my friends in upstate NY where they experienced the same weather. However they always seem to get it just a little worse than us. She was involved in a fender bender on her way to work. Some guy couldn't stop his car at a red light, and t-boned her car in the intersection. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, but her car didn't fare too lightly.

I was talking to her earlier this evening and she was telling me how she was having a little grief with her insurance company. She was complaining that this is the first accident she's ever had in her life, and it wasn't even her fault, and how she's paid insurance money to this company for so many years, and now when she needs them, she felt like they are not giving her the service that her money has paid for. I told her about the web release I had read for and to check them out when her policy was coming up for renewal. She was amazed to hear that you can get a
car insurance rate there practically instantly from a few different brokers, without having to make endless phone calls and keep repeating your information to each broker.

Anyway, I hope she gets her claim handled promptly and without any further hassle. Nobody needs that extra aggravation, especially this time of year!

Remember, in winter conditions, use extra caution to drive safe people! :-)


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