Thursday, December 07, 2006

What does your company do for a Christmas party?

Tomorrow night is our Christmas dinner party at work. It’s just a small little party, with only our own branch employees attending. We go out to a local restaurant for a nice dinner, and we do a gift exchange. Our gift exchange is the most fun thing of all! What we do, is each person spends a maximum of $25. on a gift. Then we draw numbers, from one to depending on how many of us there are. Whoever has number one picks a gift from the pile first. Then number two goes. They have the option of stealing number one’s gift, or picking another gift from the pile. This continues until the person with the last number chooses their gift. We have such a hoot doing this! The first year I worked at this branch, I swear it took us almost two hours to complete the gift stealing, because everyone kept stealing each other’s gifts! So we’re all anxiously waiting until tomorrow night for the fun to begin, and of course the awesome meal we’ll be having at Café Amore! Mmm, their food is so scrumptious and their desserts are to die for!

Please pray for me to get a high number in the gift swap tomorrow!


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