Saturday, December 30, 2006

Daily Painters

The other day I was surfing through the blogs here at Blogger, and came upon a blog titled "Painting The Day Away", which is owned by artist Sarah Trefny. I've always been interested in all sorts of arts and crafts, including painting, ever since I was a little tiny olive. Viewing Sarah's blog and her artwork was so amazing to me. She has several paintings posted, and many of them she sells on eBay. Her paintings are of various objects and scenes, including some paintings of some stuffed animals. Now personally, I'm not a big fan of stuffed animals at all, but I couldn't believe the talent from this lady in the way that she could paint a picture of a stuffed lion, that was so lifelike, in the look of the fur! Another painting of hers that I thought was amazing was a painting of some simple limes. I'm telling you, those limes are so mouthwatering real-like! This lady definitely has some wonderful talent!

I spent quite some time at Sarah's "Painting The Day Away" blog, and clicked on her links to some other daily painter blogs. Wow! These people are amazing with their talent! I could only wish to be able to paint like James Neil Hollingsworth, blog owner of "Paintings in Oil". He brings regular glass and metal objects to life on a canvas. Unbelievable! A simple metal coffee percolator looks so real, with the reflections of it's surroundings is just so amazing to me! And another painting of a blue glass electrical insulator painted with sunlight shining through it. What a work of art! It's easy to see why most of his paintings are showing as sold on his blog.

I've been saying to myself for the past few months that I need to get back into painting, and although my preferred painting method is abstract, these two artists, Sarah Trefny and James Neil Hollingsworth have most definitely inspired me to get my brushes back in motion and let my creativity flow on the canvas.


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