Saturday, December 30, 2006

So Long Saddam

Today marks a day that will go down in the history books. The day of the execution of Saddam Hussein. Okay, so with the time difference from Iraq, where Hussein was hung to here in North America makes his execution fall on either December 29, 2006 or December 30, 2006, depending on which side of the World you are on, but officially, his death took place on December 30 in Iraq.

I've been surfing around the net reading up on this, and I took a peek over at YouTube to see what there was for video coverage. Obviously I wasn't expecting to find 100% accurate coverage of the entire execution, because I'm quite certain that complete video coverage of this would be prohibited. Surely it was videoed in it's entirety, but not by any newscrews or anyone else without any officiality. However, the crap that's flooded the YouTube site is unreal. Just goes to show how many idiots there are out there that think people are really stupid and gullible. Either that, or just a lot of fucking idiots that need to get a life! There is a video there showing someone hanging from a frigging crane. Crap! How stupid is that?! It's not real people -- it's a load of crap posted by someone that thinks they're funny. Some people will do anything to get their idiotic stupid selves noticed!

If you want to see any video coverage of Hussein's execution, then please go to one of the major and more reliable news sites, such as CNN where they do have a few videos, but nothing certainly of Saddam's actual hanging. There is one there of his final moments, in which they show the noose being placed around his neck, and then it jumps to another after the actual hanging took place, which shows the now dead Saddam laying all wrapped up in a white shrine with his face partially visible.

Anyway, the death of Saddam Hussein marks the end of an era, but will it really end all the slayings, suicide bombings and the likes? Personally I don't think so. There are still Saddam worshippers out there, and isn't it a bit ironic that only hours after his death a car bomb went off in a fish market south of Baghdad, leaving at least 68 dead and almost as many wounded? Coincidence? I'm not too sure about that.

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gillesroy said...

Political designs behind Saddam’s execution :

1. Saddam is clearly the scapegoat for an international war syndicate, which includes many in our current political leadership, both in front and behind the scenes. Evacuating due process, controlling evidence and terrorizing the prosecution team were all par for the course in Saddam’s trial. A key reason for the speedy road to execution, was to eliminate a prominent player and key witness of this international criminal war conspiracy, thereby avoid further indictment of members of our leadership, many of whom have been accessory to Saddam’s actual crimes.

2. To « bookend » media fatigue and public indifference, re : Saddam’s trial. The whole point of the « trial » was to deliver a quick public execution, and thereby feed the hunger for blood so brilliantly cultivated in Western public opinion. An execution gives sense of heightened drama, and inagurates the next round of intensified bloodshed in the region… and beyond.

3. Lastly, to make Saddam a martyr for (gasp!) sympathisers, thereby deepening chaos in the middle-east over a longer period of time. Certainly, the US-led war in Iraq can be called a success insofar as its central purpose has been to aid the spreading of chaos in the Middle-East.