Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dentist jitters?

Does the thought of going to the Dentist totally freak you out, just like me? I swear to God they have to practically knock me out before they can bring that scary drill anywhere near my mouth! Forget the freezing -- give me the tranquilizer!

Finding a good Dentist can be tough. There are so many out there that like to soak your insurance plan for every last cent they can, to the point of removing old perfectly stable and fine fillings and replacing them, all for the money, not for the good of the patient. Yes, I'm speaking from experience with that one!

One thing you may want to consider while Dentist shopping is to check with your local Dentistry Board to see if there are any past complaints lodged against a Dentist you are considering. One such Dental Clinic in Virginia has seen over 23,000 patients since they opened for business in 1987, and have zero complaints lodged with the Virginia Board of Dentistry. Every one of their Dentists that work there has zero complaints! Now that's phenomenal!

Hayfield Dental Care in Alexandria, VA is a one stop dental clinic, with their staff having advanced or specialty training, enabling them to perform almost any procedure without having to go to another office, and this includes a full time Orthodontist on site.

So if you're in or near the Alexandria area and are on the hunt for a Dentist, you may want to consider giving Hayfield Dental Care a call.

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