Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Time flies

Wow, time sure does whiz by, especially this time of the year. So Christmas is over for another year. We had a green one here in Southern Ontario. It was actually quite mild out as well. I had four days off from work, which was nice, but the sound of that dastardly alarm clock this morning was not something I particularly cared to hear.

I thought I'd share a picture from our trip to Eaton Centre in Toronto the week before Christmas. The decorations there were simply phenominal! And that swarovski tree was just breathtaking! It's so huge, and so sparkly! It was almost two mall stories high, and it was on a rotating base with spotlights on it, so it just twinkled and glittered it's way round and round. I didn't feel too much like a tourist by taking my camera, because there were gobs and gobs of people doing the point and shoot like me.

I hope your Christmas was full of all things magical, and here's to a healthy, happy and most prosperous of New Years! :-)


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