Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Investing in Silver

Over the past while I've been watching the silver prices, and they seem to keep going up, which is great news! It's gone up about $5 per ounce over this past year, and is currently selling for just under $14 per ounce.

I had read a web release for Monex, and have since bookmarked their site to periodically check on the prices. If you're not familiar with Monex, they have been dealing with precious metals for over 30 years, and are sellers of bullion. Which by the way, I believe bullion makes a great gift. In the past, I've bought silver bullion for a gift for my husband, as he's always been facinated with silver. I can't say I've ever bought gold bullion, but that's more a lack of having the spare funds to invest in it.

I have a silver coin collection that I add to as I come across the coins. (working in a bank helps!) Even if they are not collector coins, or if their coin grade is not the best, they are still valuable for their silver content, and are sometimes known as junk silver. I just put them aside, and watch their weight increase with each new coin I add until I decide to sell them off. So in essence, that is my own little investment for me to watch at Monex.

Here's to a shiny New Year with the price of silver climbing even higher! :-)


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