Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Updates to The Funky Olive Shop

I added a few more new designs to The Funky Olive Shop last night. I was in a witty humorous mood, and the new designs are witty text designs. They're available on an array of different styled shirts, hats, tote bags, mugs and more. Here's a couple of examples for you to see...

Unfortunately, text designs are harder to show up in here, so to translate, the hat above reads "I don't follow fashion trends I just wear what everyone else wears" and the military green shirt reads "I'm different".

Oh, and just a reminder about FREE shipping within the USA until December 20th with a minimum order of $50.00. And that minimum order of $50.00 can be spent over more than one shop within the Cafepress community. There are literally millions of designs to choose from on all sorts of products!

And another little reminder...only 20 days until Christmas!

Happy Holiday shopping! :-)


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