Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Are you good at guessing weight?

I have a real hard time determining how much something weighs without a scale to do so. And with selling items on eBay, I've always thought I should invest in a digital shipping scale to weigh my parcels for quoting shipping costs. My current way to weigh a parcel is to weigh myself on our non digital bathroom scale, then do it again while holding the parcel. It's ridiculous, and totally inacurate! And in the end, I usually end up taking it to the post office for an estimate.

So I was reading a web release for a company called Scales Etc., and upon checking them out, I think I may just invest in one of their shipping scales. For $33 and change I figure it would be a good investment, and save me lots of aggravation, time and gas in my car!

Scales Etc. has all sorts of scales if you're in the market for a particular type -- from bathroom scales, to little pocket digital scales. They even have this cool Food Scale that serves double purpose as a counter as well. Yes, it counts things! Hmm, that would come in handy the next time we're rolling the contents of our penny jar!

If you're in the need for a scale, check them out!


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