Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Walt Disney was right!

I have a cool story that I thought I’d share with you. About 25 years ago (oops, showing my age now) I had a room mate for a couple years. This was while I lived in Alberta. She had a brother that was somewhat nomadic and would quite often show up at our place to flop on our couch for a few days or weeks sometimes. We got along great and had lots of fun living together. They were originally from a tiny little town in Northern Ontario, and I of course was originally from the West Coast.

Anyway, I ended up moving out to live with my boyfriend at the time. We stayed in touch, and then about a year later, she left Alberta and was heading back home. We continued to stay in touch, although not too often through letter mail. (I don’t think the internet was around then, and if so, not for the common household) I was gradually losing touch with my pal. Then a year or so later, my boyfriend turned husband and I moved to his hometown in Southern Ontario.

I tried to find my friend over the years, but never had any luck. When I first got the internet, back in 1987, I thought for sure I’d be able to find her then, but never did. Then, last week, I was in an online forum, and happened to notice that one of the participants was from my friend’s hometown. I just about flipped! I emailed this person, and did the stupid thing of asking, “Hey, you’re from _______... do you know _____?” Well, didn’t I get an email back from this person, and although they didn’t know my friend, it would appear that her nomadic brother had moved back home and was living 3 doors away from this forum person!

I got an email from my friend’s brother, who in turn gave me his sister’s email address, and after all this time, we’ve been reunited, and the irony of it all, is that she has lived in Toronto, a mere one hour drive from us, and has lived there since 1989!

Is that cool or what? Just goes to show that Walt Disney was right -- even on the internet, it really is a small world afterall!

Don't you just love a happy ending? :-)


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