Friday, December 15, 2006

Wedding favors to remember

Are you or someone you know tying the knot in 2008? All the plans made? All the decorations and favors put together?

I know, I know, it's not the time of year to be thinking about such things with Christmas just a few days away, but if you have a wedding coming up soon in the New Year, time is ticking by at warp speed it seems.

I seem to be that one person that all my friends and family knows that come to me when they have wedding decorations and favors to be dealt with. I have two weddings coming up this winter and early spring, and I have to get working on those as soon as the holidays are over.

So tonight I was searching around for some fresh ideas, and came across a web release for The Knot Wedding Shop, so I went to check out their site. They've got some really nice things to make that special day in your life all the more special. Cake toppers, centerpieces,
wedding favors, jewelry, gifts for your wedding attendants, and lots more.

One thing I saw there that I particularly liked was these plantable card favors. It's a nice little card that has a heart made of handmade paper, and has flower seeds in it, so your guests could plant it and have a little garden to remember your special day by. It could be used as favor on its own, or because it can be personalized, you could use it as a tag and attach it to some tulle covered sweets. They would be pretty economical, or you could go a little further and include a nice bud vase to arrange the flowers from the seeds in. I think it's a nice idea, and I'm sure your guests would like it as well. :-)


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