Sunday, January 14, 2007

Artist Lori Twiggs

Every now and then I see the works from an artist with great talent, and I like to share that with everyone. Recently I've been checking out the Oil Paintings by Lori Twiggs. This lady is very talented, and her work is truly outstanding.

I was marveling at a couple of her forest fire paintings and was just in awe of the one simply titled: The Fire. Both of these paintings have been sold, but do check them out anyway. A forest fire scene so marvelously mastered, and it even has a couple of poor deer in a stream. I have to wonder if her inspiration came from the terrible forest fires that we've been subjected to in North America the past couple of years. I know that was what I thought of when I first saw these paintings.

Another painting that caught my eye is titled: The Fog. How wonderfully she's caught the essence of a morning fog over a stream with early morning fishermen. Growing up on the West Coast, I can relate to this picture, as I recall many fog filled mornings while walking to school. This painting is still available, and would make a great gift for a fisherman in your life!

The sky in Stormy Sky is simply remarkable in Lori's choice of colors and her style of cloud painting is just super! It really does make you want to run for cover knowing there is a storm coming in! I can understand why this painting is not available for sale, as I'm sure she likely has it hanging in her own home, or was given as a gift to someone special in her life.

Anyway, if you want to look at some beautiful art, then head over to Lori Twiggs website and make sure you grab yourself a coffee first... you'll probably be there for awhile admiring all this talented lady has to offer! :-)


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Lori said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my site! The paintings you mentiond are some of my favorites as well. I've had several comments on my fire paintings as the intensity of the palette demands attention! Stormy sky was donated for an auction and was sold. Sadly, the picture on my website for Stormy Sky is incomplete. The finished product had an old car in the barn and a few more trees in the foreground if I remember correctly.

Olivia said...

It was my pleasure to view your paintings. Your finished Stormy Sky sounds wonderful. I'll definitely be returning to your site to see art. Thanks for sharing. :-)