Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's go to Hawaii!

Ah, Hawaii! My dream vacation. I so long to lay on the sandy beaches watching the surfers and just taking in all the exotic sights! My sisters and I are still planning on going there in 2009. Two whole years to wait, and to save the money to go!

We really want to rent a condo when we go, rather than rent hotel rooms. Sure you can rent a suite in a hotel, that will give you a kitchen and separate bedrooms, but with those costs being pretty close to the cost of renting a
Hawaii Condo, we'd rather go with a condo. I think it's a little more private than in a big hotel, especially when it comes to the swimming pools. In a hotel you'd have to share the pool with everyone staying there, but finding the right condo can mean having a pool to yourselves.

Gebhart Properties offer some luxurious condos on the islands of paradise, and with some of them being around 2500 square feet, I'd say they are quite large too! The pictures of these condos on Gebhart Properties website are just stunning. The rooms are simply gorgeous! I have bookmarked their site for when we are ready to book our vacation in paradise!



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