Friday, January 19, 2007

ATMs and Encyclopedias

Did you know there is a site online that is like a real honest to goodness encyclopedia? I never knew this site existed until today, but I was pleased to come across it. It's called Encyclocentral, and they have a plethora of articles on just about anything you can imagine, all alphabetized!

I was reading about ATMs just now. I guess I just can't leave work at the bank sometimes! Anyway, I learned a bit of history of the automated teller machine. For instance, did you know that the first ATM installed in the world was by Barclays Bank in a place called Enfield Town, located in North London? This happened on June 27, 1967, and the inventor of this modern day convenience was John Shepherd-Barron. However, a patent for an ATM machine had been registered about 30 years earlier New York, by a man named Luther George Simjian. For the first ATM models you needed either a token or a voucher, and when you used that token or voucher, the machine retained it? So you'd need one of these tokens for each time you wanted to withdraw cash. Hmm, not as convenient as our debit cards today, but interesting to learn about anyway!

If ATMs are not your thing to learn about, you can always check out this A-list and see if anything else is appealing to you to learn about. There are loads of other subjects there, and certainly something that may interest you more!


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