Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Grocery Shopping Marathon

If I could win a lottery, then I could quit my day job. If I could quit my day job, then I wouldn't have to do the grocery shopping on the weekends. C'mon lucky numbers!

It was madness out there today I tell you! Sheer madness!! Every year, around this time, one of our major grocery stores here puts out a $1.00 sale. Their flyer is jam-packed full of bargains for a buck! And then, when you go to the store, there are many more unadvertised dollar deals!

Well, this week's flyers included the famous dollar sale! Woohoo!! However, two of the other major stores decided to run a dollar sale this week as well. Great bargains to be had by all. The only trouble with that is, all sales in all stores started today, and I'm telling you, I think the entire city was out running from store to store to cash in on the bargains!

And although I was also running from store to store, so I'm really no different from the others, other than the fact that I had no choice but to do my shopping today. I can't go tomorrow -- not that it will be any less busy -- because I have plans already, so it had to be done today.

Oh well, so it took me four hours to get the shopping done, because I had to stand in mega-long line ups at every store. We're eating good this week, and I saved some big bucks!

Oh, and I picked up some more grapefruits, because you all know how much I love my grapefruit!


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