Saturday, January 20, 2007

Olivia Needs a New Camera!

I would love love love to get a new digital camera, but unfortunately it's just not in the budget right now. I have an old one, but it's not that great, and part of it isn't working right. I can't seem to do any videos with it anymore. It was a pretty good camera in it's day, but since it's now about five years old, it's really outdated. It's a Toshiba 3.2 mp with 6x zoom. All of my computer equipment (my desktop pc, my laptop, my all in one printer) are all Hewlett-Packard products, and I've been very happy with my HP products. I've had to contact them for technical support when I first bought my laptop, and they were simply awesome!

Anyway, I heard about a contest to win a new HP
digital camera and photo printer. The camera is a 6 mp, so that's twice as good as the one I have now. And a photo printer would be so cool to be able to print borderless pictures. Imagine no more cutting out your pictures! That sounds just heavenly!

So in order to have a chance at winning one of these camera/printer combos, I had to make a video post, with my video uploaded at YouTube. I've been bashing my brains trying to figure out how I could do a video, when my camera isn't working in that respect. Well, I finally managed to get something made in my Windows Movie Maker, and then it was time to upload it to YouTube. Yikes! I never claim to be the most tech savvy person, but I do manage to fair quite well with all things like that. But man, oh man, this was a bit of a struggle for me! Windows Movie Maker was telling me in order to share my video it had to be hosted at a couple different places, but I just couldn't seem to figure out how to do that. In the end, I went a different route from what the HELP was telling me, and just saved the video to my computer, and then uploaded it to YouTube from there. It worked! I notice the quality isn't as good as the original on my computer, but that's something I can try figuring out later!

So, without further adieu... my very first YouTube video titled: Olivia Needs a New Camera!

I hope you liked my very first video, and I really hope Ted liked it lots!


p.s. this post was sponsored by HP!

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