Saturday, January 13, 2007

Belisi ties

Awhile back, before Christmas, I had told you about this website where you can purchase some of the most beautiful mens silk neckties and ladies silk scarves. Belisi is the label name of these products, and Peter Belisi is the founder/owner of the company. I thought I'd tell you a little bit of how Peter came to open his company.

Employed as a bartender and serving an elite crowd in Palm Beach, Peter Belisi struggled to support his family. Any extra money he had was invested into his own luxurious tie collection, and he took pride in wearing a different tie each day. A nice necktie is the perfect accessory to polish off a good look, and when you wear the perfect tie with the perfect suit, it tells people you have it all together. Belisi's clients and fellow workers were impressed by this well dressed man, and would start to look to him for inspiration with their own fashion. At that, the Belisi company was born, with his own Belisi brand neckties. And each Belisi brand necktie assures you it was made with skilled craftsmanship, using exquisite materials for a luxurious finished product that is both sophisticated and beautiful.

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