Saturday, January 13, 2007

My other entertaining blog!

I don't think I've ever mentioned here that I have another blog that I keep as well. It's more of a niche blog though, in that all the posts showcase one t-shirt that I have found on the net. It's titled: Where Did You Get That Shirt?. How many times have you seen someone wearing a really cool or really funny t-shirt, and you just had to ask them, or wished you asked them where they got it? I know it's happened to me many times over the course of my life.

Anyway, when I originally started that blog, my intention was to showcase one new shirt a day. Well, I guess I had more time at that time, because it seems I struggle to get out a new shirt every few days, let alone every day. But, irregardless, it's still a cool blog, and I do showcase some cool shirts there, so you should still check it out!


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