Saturday, January 13, 2007

Do you ping?

When I first started this blog, I was so very ignorant to the whole blogging thing. I thought it was just like a dear diary type of thing for teens and tweens to rag about their parents or talk about their latest crush. How wrong I was!

Then, after about month or so, and faithfully checking my stats to see how many new visitors stopped by for a coffee and a read of my blog, but not seeing those stats rise to big numbers, I thought people just weren't interested in what I have to say. I didn't really think about how they would come across my blog. I guess I pretty much thought they would just happen upon it as a next page on the internet surfing book or something.

Then I heard people in a forum talk about pinging their blogs and how this was very important so people could find your blog out of trillions of them out here in cyberspace, and not to mention all the other bazillion other places they could surf to. I had no idea what pinging my blog entailed, and if I were doing it or not. I started checking through my settings here at blogger, and there was something about pinging, which was checked yes, so I figured I was pinging, and came back to the thought that people just weren't interested in my blog.

After a little more investigating, I came across a site to ping your blog, so faithfully after updating my blog, I would ping it at
Ping-o-Matic where your blog gets added to about 20 different blog search engines, and although whenever I pinged my blog there it would only be accepted at five or six of these search engines, I was starting to see an improvement of visits to my blog.

Then, just recently I was in another forum and came upon a post that had the motherload of all pinging sites! I'm now pinging my blog at Pingoat. They ping about 50 different search engines, and every time I've used their service, I would say about 95% of the pings are successful. And best of all, I'm seeing much more visit activity in my blog by using Pingoat. Now, if I could just get my page rank up, all will be good!

Happy pinging!


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