Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can I get that interview to go?

Got something to say to the world? Why not say it in a podcast? Podcasts are great for people on the go; people that don't have the time to sit and read your review or what have you. They can simply go snag your podcast, stash it on their MP3 player, and away they go, about their busy lives but not missing to what you have to say!

Say you have a group or a club, and you have things to tell your members. Maybe you have a writing group, and you've interviewed a best-selling romance author. That author has all kinds of good tips and advice for your fellow club members. Sure, you could have that interview in the form of a transcript, but why not do it as a podcast? It's live, it's more personable than reading "you asked, she answered". Voice emphasis is much more alive than making words on paper or a screen come to life. Your members have busy lives. They've got day jobs, they've got kids with hockey games and ballet classes. They've got a house to keep, a family to tend to and numerous errands to run. But if they could go and snag that podcast of yours, they could listen to that amazing live interview at their leisure, while they are making lunch for the kids, waiting at the arena, jogging or mopping floors!

Okay, you're sold on podcasts now, but where do you go to make a podcast? The answer is simple! is where you want to be. There you can record your own
Free Podcast, publish it, and air it too! And did you get that? It's FREE!!

I listen to podcasts all the time for a group I belong to, and it's great to be able to load a new one on my MP3 player and listen while I'm walking the dog! Try it yourself! You'll love it!


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