Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday! Yippee!

Finally, it's Friday, and I have freedom for two whole days! Well, except for the usual house chores and errands that eat into my weekends. It's still snowing here, but people have been telling me all day that it's supposed to turn to freezing rain again by tomorrow, and then it's supposed to be nice on the weekend. If we do get freezing rain, I hope I can get some pictures of it this time. Our last bout of it, although bad for having to get into your cars, and all the scraping and accidents, still looked so pretty, because we had many days of cold, keeping the ice around on the trees, but yet it was sunny, so they looked all the more pretty! Of course that only lasted during week days though, so I couldn't get any pictures, because it was always dark by the time I got home from work.

I've got so many creative things I want to get done this weekend. I hope I can get a good part of them done!


p.s. Happy Birthday Mom, up there in heaven! :-)

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