Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flower tips for guys

Speaking as a woman, because I am, I just want to let all you men out there know how special it is to receive flowers from you. Not you sending flowers to me personally, but a woman receiving flowers from her man. However, feel free to send me flowers if you desire! :-)

And the best way to receive flowers from your man is to have them arrive unexpectedly! Those are the best flowers of all! Yes, it's nice to get them for special occasions, birthdays, Valentines Day, anniversaries, etc. But those received for no reason, other than "I love you" flowers -- those are the best!

Another little tip here guys... send them to her at work! It's so exciting when the delivery person walks in with a bouquet. All eyes are on that delivery person, and all the girls are secretly hoping those gorgeous flowers are going to be for them! It's like you're a queen for the day when you've received flowers from your special man! The others all sigh and tell you how wonderful it must be to have a guy like him. And you know what? There is not a woman that receives flowers at work that doesn't walk around the rest of the day with a dreamy look in her eyes! You just know her man is going to have a "very happy" evening!

So guys, head over to and send a little FTD Love to your woman. She'll be so happy, and you'll be "very happy" you did!


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