Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mom loved her hockey!

Did you know that tomorrow is Wayne Gretzky's birthday? Yes, January 26th, and if I'm correct in my math, old 99 turns 46 tomorrow. The reason I remember this date, is because my mother shared the same birthday as "The Great One", and I think she was probably his biggest fan!

Mom's been gone for 22 years now, but I'll never forget how happy she was when she received a special birthday wish in the mail her last year here on earth. Turns out my very young at the time nephew wrote to Wayne Greztky, while he was still playing for the Edmonton Oilers, and told Wayne how his grandmother shared the same birthday as him, and how she was a huge fan of his. He gave my mother's mailing address and asked if he could send her a special birthday greeting. Mom was so darned proud of that signed 8x10 that said Happy Birthday Pat!

My mother never had the pleasure of surfing the net. Home computers were really just starting to be a spoken word before she died, but if she were still here with us, I'm know she'd be surfing all the hockey sites to stay up to date on the stats. And because my dad had no interest in hockey, she'd no doubt be frequenting the
NHL Forums to post comments and read what other hockey fans have to say. Yeah, she would have loved to be able to do that.


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