Thursday, January 25, 2007

Funky colored flash drives!

Now here's a unique gift for the 21st century! And this would make a great little Valentine's Day gift for your children! How about a personalized thumb drive? These little flash drives are perfect for kids going to school or college for keeping their school work on. Well, that may be the intended purpose you buy them for, but they also hold a lot of music too!

I have a flash drive that came with my laptop when I bought it, and it's turned out to be a priceless little tool for me! Although mine isn't as funky looking as these cool little gadgets that are available in 14 different colors, but it's still great for transferring my graphics over from my laptop to my desktop so I can upload them to my shop. I've also used it for holding pictures, which I can then take over to my friends, pop it into a USB slot on the computer and share my pictures with them. They hold so much and start at 512mb of room up to 4 GB! They are so little they fit right into your pocket, and are much less delicate than a cd you have to worry about not getting any scratches on.

At $18.99 for a 1 GB drive in a funky color,
and with free laser engraving, this is one sweetheart of a deal!


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