Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hilarious ecards!

I love to send and receive ecards, and the funnier the better, in my opinion! Have you seen the collection of hilarious cards they have at Egreetings? They have some of the best I have ever seen, and I've been online for many years now. I just howled when I saw some of these free, funny birthday ecards like this Birthday Chins, where they sing to you! I've always got a kick out of this though. I make my husband talk, tell jokes and sing to me, and I look at his face upside down while he's laying down! Yeah, I know, a little bit odd, but I do get some good laughs out of his little chin shows! I've never gone so far as drawing a face on his chin though... well, not yet, anyway! But I do love this ecard!

And how about this kind of scary looking cupid? He's so goofy looking, but it's so funny! I can see I'll be sending out this one to a few people this year! My sister will love it, because she's a little off the wall like me!

And how about this one for the boob man in your life? I'm sure he'd love to get these, I mean this in his email for his birthday!

Whatever your ecard needs are, you can tickle your funny bone at Egreetings! Oh, and you can send a card or two too!


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