Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Long beautiful hair!

Do you have long or short hair? Mine is halfway down my back, and sometimes it's a pain in the butt taking care of it. Like after swimming, I'm always the last one in the showers rinsing and rinsing! Gotta get all the chlorine out, and get the conditioner in.

Last night I was watching American Idol. They were doing the try outs in Alabama. If you watched it too, did you see the girl with the way too long hair? Oh my God!!! Her hair is six feet long! It was literally dragging on the floor, and she said she has to wear heels so it dosn't drag too much. That's insane! She could cut a couple feet off, and it would look much nicer with trimmed up ends. She has never had a haircut in all her life, and she was in her 20's! Her mother had long hair too, but not quite as long... looked like maybe five feet, and her ends were all stringy too.

My plan is to grow mine down to my butt and then I'm going short. I'm getting too old to have long hair, in my opinion. I don't want to have long grey hair. I don't think that's an appealing look for anyone. But that's my long ansd short take on it!


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