Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wedding pictures

Are you getting married this year, or next? Today I want to talk about wedding pictures. Not necessarily the professional wedding photos you'd hire a photographer to take, but candid shots of the wedding party and the guests having fun during your special day. As the bride and the groom, you can't really carry a camera around to take pictures of your guests. Sure you'll probably be able to get copies of some of the pictures taken from your friends and families, but a good way to ensure you're going to have lots of different pictures is to place disposable wedding cameras on all of the tables at your reception. If you go to Shop For Weddings.com, you'll find all kinds of these disposable cameras available. Lots of different colors, and many are decorated with wedding themed graphics, such as hearts, roses, etc. And you can even have your cameras personalized with your names and your wedding date! Disposable wedding cameras are in my opinion, a must for all weddings these days!


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