Sunday, January 21, 2007

I love bamboo

I'm loving this Encyclocentral site! Remember, the online encyclopedia site? Just now I was reading about bamboo products. I've always loved bamboo, and would love to grow it, but I'm not sure it would grow well here, with our winters. Well, maybe not this winter so far, but generally speaking. My brother out west used to have some bamboo growing in one of his houses he lived in. It looked so cool sprouting up around his pond!

There are so many products made from bamboo, with it being so durable due to its hardness. And it will last for such a long time if it's looked after properly. Think of the bamboo huts and houses that many people live in areas where bamboo grows in abundance. Have you ever seen the bamboo flooring? It's absolutely gorgeous! Outside, I have a set of bamboo windchimes in my back yard, and the sound from them is so soothing to hear on a summer night when I'm laying in bed. They lull me to sleep with their tune. One day I hope to put in a pond of my own, and you can bet that my fountain will be one made of bamboo!

But there's more than bamboo at Encylocentral. Just about any subject you can think of. Like for instance, if you're into collecting or trading Baseball Cards it's there for you to read up on. Just head over there and search up what interests you!


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