Friday, January 26, 2007

Mark Hughes -- marketing speaker

Ever hear of a man named Mark Hughes? One thing he's probably most famous for is his work as Vice President of Marketing for eBay's In less than three years, he grew the company from zero to eight million registered users. But in addition to that, he also went to Halfway Oregon, and put on the map in a literal sense, by convincing the town to rename themselves to Oregon. Wow! That's pretty clever!

He followed that by writing a book titled: Buzzmarketing, which became one of the "Ten Best Business Reads in 2005", and that was in the first year of publication!

I heard he's on the professional speaker circuit now, working as a widely sought out
marketing speaker. Many big businesses such as Amazon, Johnson & Johnson and Starbucks have used Marks services to speak to their employees. Their reviews of his speaking sessions are upbeat and some even refer to Hughes as an "amazing story teller".


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