Friday, January 26, 2007

Something's fishy

With trying to lose a little extra weight, I find I'm eating more fish these days. My new favorite fish to buy is actually a frozen Highliner brand -- breaded haddock. It's so good, and the numbers on the label are good too! I've never had a packaged frozen fish product that I was this impressed with. I used to buy fresh haddock filets and bread them myself, but these are so handy, and they're just as good, without the fuss! I've always preferred a breaded fish filet over a battered one. I don't care for battered and fried fish. I always bake my breaded fish filets, which I think is a much more healthier way to eat them. There's nothing worse than greasy fish in my opinion.

So as I was enjoying my breaded haddock dinner tonight I was thinking about all the fish I've ate this past week. I had tuna twice for lunch in the last five days. One night we had baked wild pacific salmon with a citrus rub. I love salmon too, being from the west coast I guess, but it has to be wild salmon... none of that farm raised stuff for this girl! And tonight we had the breaded haddock. So that's four fish servings this so far this week. I guess I'm still within the two pound limit that is suggested to be safe from mercury contamination as suggested by the FDA.

Another favorite of mine is crab legs. I prefer them to eating lobster, actually. I sure could go for a good feed of crab legs! Love those tasty morsels! I'll have to check them out at the grocery stores this weekend!


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