Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Norwex cleaning cloths

Have you ever heard of Norwex? They have all kinds of cleaning cloths, and stuff like that. I went to a home party for one tonight. And I have to say, I really didn't want to go at all, but I'm glad I did. Their products are really amazing, to say the least.

They have microfibre cloths, and yes, you can pick those cloths up anywhere, but let me see if I remember what the demonstrator said about that. To be classed as microfibre, I think she said that a fibre has to be split 7 times. I could be wrong on that, but it was a fairly low number, and I'm sure it was a single digit. The Norwex microfibre is split 200 times, which gives it all the more area for dust and grime to attach to, and allowing it to get in into every crack and crevice in anything pourous, making it far superior to those you can purchase in the department stores. Plus, this one all purpose cloth they have, now contains silver in it, and apparently silver when wet works to kill bacteria and virus germs. And when you use these cloths to clean, you do not use any sort of cleaning product, just simple water. So they are very environmentally friendly.

They also have these really amazing window cloths. She did a demonstation with this by taking two clean mirrors. On both of them she smudged in some shea butter and some lipstick, and smeared it around. One lady cleaned one mirror with Windex and a paper towel, and the demonstrator cleaned the other by one swipe with a damp microfibre cloth over it, and then two swipes with this glass cloth to finish it off. It literally took her two seconds, while the Windex lady scrubbed, polished and shined for at least a minute! The Norwex cleaned mirror was streak free, and the Windex one was still a little streaky. Amazing!

Then came the face cloth demonstration! She asked for a volunteer to wash off their makeup, and my friend accepted the offer. She was given a Norwex facecloth, and told to wet it with water only, wring it out and wash her face. She came back a minute or so later, and her face was amazingly clean and fresh looking, and it felt so nice and smooth. She said she didn't have to scrub at her mascara at all -- that it just simply wiped away! Wow!

Anyway, I wouldn't make a good Norwex sales person, and I'm not in any way affiliated with them. I hadn't even heard of them before my boss invited us to this party a couple weeks ago, but I was definitely impressed with their products! The only thing I find with them, is like any other sort of home party product, their prices are a little high. I did end up spending just over $70. I bought a combo kit that included an all purpose cloth and a window cloth, a pack of three facecloths, another all purpose cloth for the kitchen that is a charcoal grey color, that I'm going to use for all wet cleaning jobs, and the way my husband cooks, my stove gets burnt on messes all the time, so I'll save the other all purpose cloth for dry dusting only, because it's a light blue color. I also bought a non scratch scouring pad that looked pretty good. I'm hoping it will help with the burnt on messes!

My order should be here in a week and a half, so I'll do a few tests with my goodies and let you know how they pass or fail. I've got some good testing to try them out with!


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