Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dreaming of sunny, hot and tropical...

ugh, it's snowing globs outside here right now. The flakes are so big it looks like we are being invaded by a cotton ball storm! But the worst is yet to come. Our temperatures are supposed to plummet overnight way below freezing to about -19 Celsius, with about -21 for the weekend. I guess it's safe to say that winter has finally come.

It's weather like this, especially the deep freeze forecast that makes me dream of going somewhere sunny, hot and tropical. If only I had the time, and were in the financial situation where I could. I'd be booking an all inclusive Caribbean vacation so fast! But unfortunately for me, all I can do is dream about it at this point, unless those lottery numbers came through for me tonight!

If you're wanting to get away from this miserable winter weather, and have the time to do so, you might want to check out for an all inclusive of your own. Jamaica, Dominican, Mexico... do they sound appealing to you right about now? Maybe a little snorkeling, scuba diving, or better yet, a nice spa get away in the sun. Ah, now we're talking! Whatever your fun in the sun vacation choice is -- adventure, romantic or relaxation and pampering, has it all.

Who knows, after I check my lottery numbers, I may be sitting poolside with you!


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