Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wish list -- plantation shutters

It seems so many people I talk to lately are in the middle of or planning some home renovations or re-decorating. I know if I had the money I'd love to re-decorate my living room. And one thing I would have in my dream room would be some really nice plantation shutters. I just love the look of them, especially in white! They give a room such a nice clean crisp look. A good thing about them these days, is you can get them in faux wood, rather than real wood, which is much more cost efficient.

I think if I were to invest money in some nice blinds such these I would have a professional do the
measuring for them, as well as the installation. My current blinds, which are just fairly cheap vinyl mini blinds just don't fit as nice as they should. I measured for them myself, then went to a local home improvement centre where they cut them to your measurements. Then I brought them home and installed them myself as well. Installation for those blinds was easy enough to do, but I think I'd rather let the professionals install shutter blinds. And with my old blinds, it has always irked me to see that little strip of light on the sides, because I probably didn't get my measurements exact. For a custom look, measuring and installation has to be precise.

My sister is currently in the middle of re-decorating a new to them house they just recently moved into. She has patio doors off her dining room, and has been pondering what sort of window treatment to do for them. Neither one of us are keen on
vertical blinds, although I have seen many in some homes that look great, but I guess it's just not our style. But the sliding panel coverings are nice, particularly the wood ones. They make perfect sense to me for covering patio doors, as they'll slide out of the way nicely for the sliding door access.

Well, for now, I can just close my eyes and envision my own dream room with new comfy furniture, new carpet and new shutter blinds -- in white!


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