Sunday, January 21, 2007

Optically speaking...

My husband's birthday is coming up, and he's been wanting a pair of binoculars, so I've been checking them out. I have no idea on what is a good pair, and what isn't! I guess you could say I'm a little optically challenged!

So in my surfing, I came across this site called Optics Planet, and they have gobs and gobs of optical items. Pretty much anything you can think of, and then some! They have binoculars, and opera glasses! I've never been to an opera, but I always thought those little opera glasses were pretty cool! So fru-fru! They've also got telescopes, loupes (for admiring your diamond jewelry close up!), night scopes and even heat seekers! Now the thought of an average Joe wanting and using a heat seeker just kind of creeps me out, wondering what he/she would be needing something like that. Then again, I suppose something like that may come in handy for hunters, along with the night vision stuff, since many hunters start their day in the wee hours, before sun-up.

Anyway, back to the binocular hunt, I never knew binoculars were so high tech these days. Digital binoculars with an attached camera have to be one of the coolest things I think I have ever seen, as far as gadgets go! Imagine being able to zoom into something, like a bird way up in a tree, and being able to show someone what you saw later! You can even do a little video of it, which would be real cool if that bird were in a nest feeding it's young! I know we live in a digital age now, and most people have digital cameras that can do the same thing, but in a way, I like this idea of digital binoculars, because you spot it through them and don't have to switch over to your camera, re-find what you saw and take the picture. This is all in one shot! Cool!

Optics Planet also sells some pretty funky looking prescription sunglasses and goggles, if you're a worker that needs to protect your peepers while you work!

And just one more thing that you'll like to hear. They offer free shipping via UPS if your order totals over $29.95. What a deal! Check them out, and check out those digital binoculars if you live under a rock like me and didn't know such a thing existed!


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