Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sundays are for the birds

Since winter has finally decided to come to this part of the world, and we have a slight snow covering of about one inch, I thought I had better fill my birdfeeders this morning. I've been watching out the window for the past half hour or so as the birds are swooping in for a meal. Word seems to get out fast when the feeders are freshly filled! Funny though, I have this type of creeping vine thing growing along my fence, and it puts out some sort of little flower in the late summer, which turns to seeds in the fall/winter. While the little sparrows are filling their bellies at my feeders, I just witnessed what had to be about 100 starlings swoop in and cover this vine growing on the fence. It was like a scene from a Hitchcock movie, the way they swarmed in! They all started picking at these seed pods left by the flowers, and weren't the least bit interested in the full feeders! Then, about three minutes later, they all swooped up and dissipated into the air! I bet they never left a lone seed on that vine, the way they were pecking at those pods! Nature... it's like a new television show every time you look outside!


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