Monday, January 01, 2007

Some people shouldn't have kids!!!

Good God, I just can't believe what I've just seen at the CNN site. In Indiana, on Saturday morning, there was a three year old boy found playing on Interstate 465, dressed only in a little Superman shirt, and a soiled diaper.

I don't know if this link to the video will work or not, but we'll give it a shot anyway...

Hmm, seems to have worked on my end, but if it's not working on your end, it's titled "Wandering Toddler" at the CNN website.

Anyway, as one that was not able to have children of my own, and knowing several other childless women due to similar health conditions, it just sickens me to no end knowing that there are women -- no, I take that back; they aren't women, they are fucking idiots that are able to bring life onto this earth, and then mistreat their children such as this little boy and his little sister! Fuck sakes! What is wrong with this bitch??!! How would she like to go endless hours in a dirty diaper so soiled that it won't hold any more? How can she bring up two innocent children in an apartment so filthy that it's not fit for an animal to live in? How can she be so fucking dense as to not keep an eye on her children at all times, to the point of one wandering away, not only from the apartment, but out of the complex, and on to the Interstate? The fucking INTERSTATE!!

Okay, maybe I'm a little over-emotional over this situation, given that I never had the privilege of having my own children, and I do apologize to anyone offended by my course language in this post, but how can you, as a human being not be emotional for the health and safety of this precious little boy and his sister when they have a poor excuse for a mother as theirs.

All I can say is thank God and the authorities that these little sweethearts have been taken from their sad-assed mother and are hopefully in a safer place.

God bless you little Damon and Gabrielle. :-)


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