Monday, January 01, 2007

75 million dollar house!

Oooo, I want this! Actually, I don't. Can you imagine having a dream house as big as this sucker? 22 thousand square feet? Eight bedrooms and ten baths. That's a lot of toilets to scrub! Crap, that's like cleaning a small mall!

$75 Million Dollar Home - video powered by Metacafe

Now I'm not a total idiot, and yes, I do realize that the owners probably have not just one cleaning person, but a whole staff of them, as well as cooks, gardeners, and perhaps they even have an ass wiper employed. However, say a house like that were up for grabs, like a lottery or something like that. If I were to win a monstrosity of a mansion such as that today, there is no conceivable way that given my financial situation I could afford to employ one maid, let alone a full staff of help. So I'd have no choice but to succumb to having to clean the damn place myself! Yeah, you might not use 10 bathrooms, but they still get dusty!

On the other hand, I did say I'm not a total idiot either, so if I were to come into suddenly owning something like this, there'd be a for sale sign on that front lawn faster than a fat kid on a jelly bean! (No offence to fat kids -- I'm pretty fluffy myself!)


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