Monday, January 01, 2007

Destination: Orlando, Florida

If you are still shopping around for a Disney vacation coming up this year, I found another site you should check out. Orlando Vacations offers several Disney World packages, which you can choose from, or you have the option to customize your own package with them as well. They have packages from two day stays, up to seven days.

Now most people, myself included, when they think of Orlando, they automatically think Disney, but did you know that there are actually 52 different theme parks in the area? Wow! That's a lot of fun packed into one area! No chance of anyone getting bored on a vacation there! And if the beach is a must on your vacation, you're only about a 40 minute drive away. Oh, and psst... message to Dad -- there are about 150 golf courses in the metropolitan area of Orlando, so you could conceivably sneak away for a quick round on the greens as well!

I've never visited Disney World personally. I've rode the Matterhorn a couple of times at Anneheim's Disneyland in my life, but I'm thinking I'd like to go see Orlando's Magic Kingdom sometime in the near future. Maybe in a couple years, and if I can find someone willing to go with me, as my husband has no interest -- he'd rather go on a safari in Africa, or to the south pole to see penguins!


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