Monday, February 05, 2007

The host with the most!

If you've decided you'd like to have your own website, there are so many things to check into first. What is it you want to be able to do on your site? Which web hosting company will give you the best deal? Some of them charge high prices, and give you all kinds of things you don't need if it's just a basic site you want.

Say you wanted to have your own site for your family. Mom wants her own space for her recipes she wants to share with the world, along with some pictures. Dad wants his own space where he can start a golfing forum. The kids each want their own space too -- daughter wants to post her poetry, and son wants to showcase his comic art so Grandma and Grandpa that live 2000 miles away can read and enjoy the creative side of their grandchildren they don't get to see too often. And you need a total of four, maybe five email addresses for this site.

So if you start shopping around for a hosting company, and you find they all offer way too much for your needs. You aren't going to be re-selling part of your space to anyone else, so you don't need a reseller option. You don't need sub domains, as again, you won't be sharing this site with anyone but the four family members. You don't need the availability of 10 or 20 additional email accounts. You need some space, data transfer, five email accounts should cover your needs, a forum script, and that's about it, really. So why pay for all that other stuff that comes with most web packages? You don't have to anymore.

Check out
'Name Your Price' Web hosting, where you pick exactly what you want for your site, and then, get this... you tell them how much you want to pay! Now you do have to be realistic here mind you, as they do have the right to refuse your offer. If you're not really sure what would be accepted, money wise, you can also request a quote from them, and take it from there. It's worth checking out I think, and it will get you exactly what you're looking for in a web site of your own.


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