Friday, February 16, 2007

Moto wins again!

Did you catch last nights episode of Survivor Fiji? Wow, I thought for sure Sylvia was a goner, but Erica really cooked her goose with her freak out session on the challenge! I was so routing for them too! I've always been one to cheer for the underdogs, and I thought Ravu had it in the bag because they had such a great lead over Moto, but blew it at the end. Was it really Erica's fault? I don't know. I mean she was pretty disruptive to the rest of the tribe with her freaking, and I think that would have unnerved me too if I had been there, so I guess in essence, she did have a big part of the responsibility for them losing. Did you hear Sylvia tell her to calm down, and the look she flashed her when she did? I don't think she liked that. Oh well. It was nice of her to find the pineapples for them before she left though. Imagine them being right under their noses for six days while they were dehydrating and starving! I have to wonder where their water is though. They have to have some sort of fresh water supply around them. I can't imagine the show letting them go there without water somewhere close by.

And then there's Earl off at that freaky Exile Island. I just about puked when he slammed that snake! Oh my God! I don't know how much I can take of those snakes this season. I'm going to have to start shutting my eyes and only listening when they show scenes from Exile.


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chris said...

I really want to get back into survivor this season. I have allready missed the second episode. I need a reminder once a week. h

Olivia said...

Survivor is one thing I don't need a reminder about each week! Almost everything else, I do! :-)