Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Divorce is rampant!

Geesh, I've got the second email in a month or so from another friend back home that is going through divorce after 20+ years of marriage. It's getting kind of scary anymore. These were both friends of mine that email me regularly, but mainly just jokes or links to sites, ecards and stuff like that. Then out of the blue I get these jaw dropping emails from them telling me what has been going on in their lives, and how they have split up from their husbands after so many years of marriage. Another friend of mine called her marriage quits last year, so that makes three in a year.

Makes me wonder about my own 20+ year marriage you know. I mean, things aren't always rosy for us either, and at times we've probably both thought of ending it. But we've stuck through it all and stayed together. Are we happy? I guess most of the time we are content with where we're at, or we'd be doing the same thing that so many other people seem to be doing these days. In all honesty, I think I'd be afraid to have to start all over with the dating scene again if we were ever to split up. You live with someone for half your life and you know what you have or don't have I guess. Maybe I'm just a wienie! I don't know. I just hope happiness is had by all my friends, whatever their choices are.


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