Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Light up your life!

If you're thinking about doing a bathroom renovation project soon, don't forget the importance of bathroom lighting. Bathroom lights are probably the last thing people think of when doing a renovation in the smallest room in your house. When we re-did our bathroom about ten years ago or so, we stripped it right down and started over -- all except for the lighting, which is something that really irritates me now. I wish we had thought of some nice vanity lighting, or even a pair of nice wall sconces, but instead we still have that ugly single stem globe light that is original to our 30+ year old home. It would have been no trouble then to change the wiring to the wall instead of the ceiling, since we were down to the studs, but it's a much bigger job now that would also require patching where the fixture is currently. Oh well, live and learn I guess, and wait until we renovate again in ten or so years!


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